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Alice Alper-Rein, LLC

Alice Alper-Rein, LLC

Alice Alper-Rein, LLC   Jewelry By Y2A, Ltd

I create art jewelry, kaleidoscopes and music boxes and engineer them with motion, sound and hidden mechanisms. I utilize precious metals, gemstones and surprise elements when fabricating my small scale, sculptural and whimsical creations.

Through my work, my intention is to convey a story, elicit a chuckle from the viewer, make a political statement or just delight the senses.

I consider myself a "tinkerer" who is always exploring, problem solving and intergrating new materials and techniques into my work to keep it current, fresh and challenging.

Most recently, I have been exploring working on a larger scale with fibers, fabric and hand and machine embroidery.

My work has been published in numerous books and magazines, has been juried into several exhibits and has won many awards!